Digital Industry Alliance: target and audience

ICT and manufacturing Clusters of the consortium, additional clusters (from less developed regions of Europe) and from target market countries that belong or complement the project value chain (digital technologies for manufacturing and industry).

SMEs  of the ICT clusters, and those of the manufacturing and industrial clusters,

Large companies and RTOs (Research and Technology Organisations) that will also be surveyed to understand what are their priorities in terms of international markets and that also may want to benefit from the outcome of the project, including the future international missions. The presence of larger companies and RTOs in such international mission, on their own costs, is always a plus, and this encourages SMEs to get involved

Public authorities, like:

regional policy makers and internationalisation agencies, to communicate about the actions so that they articulate with the Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies of each consortium cluster and additional clusters and to claim funding for the internationalisation actions to be implemented following this project

national policy makers, to communicate and find synergies with their actions to help SMEs go international. For instance, in France, DG Enterprise organisesmissions at both institutional and company levels on ICT topics in countries like Korea, Japan, Israël, and the US. They also sponsorise thematic missions organised by the French

European commission, to link and find synergies with other funded ESCP-4i, build upon MoU signed between the European commission and policy makers from foreign countries outside the EU, and piggyback on the international missions organised by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).