Industry 4.0 : trends & needs

DIA published an analysis of the digital industry global value chain : starting from a general overview about its tremendous opportunities for Europe the report also identified the initial situation of each DIA member in terms of technology offer and demand, strengths and weaknesses of the respective clusters ecosystems, and links with Regional Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies.

By 2025, Europe could see its manufacturing industry add gross value worth 1.25 trillion euros – or suffer the loss of 605 billion euros in foregone value added. Europe’s companies have a very good chance of benefiting from the digital transformation: they must put a series of conditions in place and up the time of change. Here are just a few of the most urgent imperatives. On the other hands Governments need to do a regulatory framework that allows Europe’s diversity and its industrial capabilities to be translated into competitive advantages. It is also important to coordinate European activities and speak with one voice when representing Europe’s common interests on the international stage.

DIA Clusters point of view : what’s about nomenclature?
DIA clusters showed their peculiarities. A curious challenge has been the definition of a common nomenclature in terms of technologies and needs on the industrial side as the vision and language used by each cluster; the topics were numerous and quite large.

Read & download the report on Industry 4.0 section ( here