DIA: the #neverstoplearning Tour across Europe

On 3rd  and 4th  September 2019 DIA has taken part to the German study visit in Frankfurt and Aachen areas organized by BNPT, one of the DIA partners.

The first day DIA consortium has visited PVA TePla Group in Wettemberg : established in 1991, the PVA IVS GmbH builds and sells thermic process systems and systems for developing, manufacturing and treating high-quality materials at high temperatures. The company designs high-performance furnaces for sintering, joining, welding, melting, nitriding, and carburizing in controlled atmospheres ranging from high-vacuum conditions to pressures of 200 bar.

After the initial presentations (where Pole SCS presented the DIA project and the other partner presented their cluster), the DIA team had a change to look behind the scenes of the company during a guided factory tour: the team had the chance to see where and how PVA is using digital applications (Industry 4.0). PVA is just at the beginning with the Industry 4.0 process and as they have customized systems it will not be so easy to include IoT etc. into the system as they will need a solution for each customized system. The partner could give PVA some very good advices for the production process and production hall to use Industry 4.0.

The day after the consortium has moved to RWTH Aachen Campus (Smart Logistics branch)  a University aiming at developing a research based on transcidiplinary projects and on practice-oriented industry problems, to find innovative solutions thanks to digitalization, simulation and visualization. A mission that could be summarized in its motto “Research – Innovation – Realization”.

Mr Bigge (CEO of the Smart Logistic Cluster) gave the DIA team a detailed presentation of the RWTH as well as about all related clusters (e.g. Production Engineering, Sustainable Energy etc.).The subject areas are embedded in 16 long-term clusters. The centers represent operative units that are focused on individual future issues, in which interdisciplinary teams and industry consortia work jointly on visionary approaches to solving these issues. Six clusters with more than 30 centers are currently being developed on Campus Melaten: Bio-Medical Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Photonics, Production Engineering, Heavy-Duty Drives and Smart Logistics. More than 360 companies are already involved as members on RWTH Aachen Campus amongst others very reputable companies like Deutsche Bahn, CLAAS, Lufthansa, Hewlett Packard etc.

All DIA partners gave a short presentation about their clusters and their possible cooperation opportunities with the Smart Logistic Cluster. Alan Redmond from Pole SCS gave a detailed presentation about the DIA project and about the possibility of a new funding round (COS-CLUSINT-2019-3-01: Clusters Go International) for a potential strand 2 of the DIA project. Mr Bigge was very interested in the project and also in strand 2 and his cluster could be a very good candidate for the consortium team.

DIA consortium also has visited RTWH site area in which industries and research partners jointly drive co-creation and the collaboration to innovate; an occasion for the Campus to proudly present e.GO the second electric car developed on RWTH Aachen Campus in 2015 after StreetScooter the pioneering project of Prof. Dr. Günther launched in 2010 and acquired in 2014 by Deutsche Post DHL Group for its daily operations.

On the 19 September 2019; Pôle SCS hosted the AI for the SMART PORT appointment at one of their members premises SmartDTV at La Ciotat from 9:30 to 14:30. The principle topic of this event was: how to combine both the scalability of the algorithms and their ability to make the best use of the computing resources and distribution problems of these algorithms (distributed computing resources, distributed data sources, ubiquitous computing, security and legal constraints, etc. …).This workshop comprised of Mr Redmond introducing the DIA project and how the collaboration with the Computer Research Institute of Montréal CRIM) and Pôle SCS was established through Mr Redmond’s activities while attending the EU-Canada Cluster Matchmaking Event in Toronto this year and in meetings organized specifically by the Government of Quebec in Montréal for the DIA project.

The DIA #neverstoplearning Tour Continues in Sweden

DIA consortium will fly in Sweden: DIA visit the Expectrum in Vasteras an open hub where enterpreneurs, kids, researchers and citizens are free to discover, play and work on digital topics ; the  next day the consortium has joined the DIGIMEET 2019  in Eskiltsuna, taking part to the opening of the MITC lab: a great day  to discuss about  digital challenges and opportunities together with the reagional autorities and the local companies. The aim of MITC is to establish the Mälardalen region as a competitive node for development, education and research in direct collaboration with the manufacturing industry. . Areas of focus for are manufacturing, industrialisation, and product development with digitalisation and sustainability as cross-sectional areas. Lately particular focus is being put on advanced robotics, cyber-physical systems and artificial intelligence.

See you at IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona!

DIA is one of the Ambassador projects joining the IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona, 29th-31th October 2019: a unique event dedicated exclusively to joining IoT providers with industry in order to help the latter increase productivity via this disruptive technology. On that occasion DIA will animate with Cyber Secure Light project the event “DIGITAL INDUSTRY: disruptive solutions to shape the future of SMEs” [29th October ROOM 1.4 (CC1)]  followed by a networking session between companies. Discover more on IoT Solutions World Congress on https://www.iotsworldcongress.com/.